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Welcome to Here, you can apply your own criteria for a perfect climate. Find the place that's just right for you - your personal paradise!

How it works

Below is a list of criteria. Activate the ones that matter to you by filling in your criteria in the value boxes, and click the button to search for places that match. Press the 'Back' button to refine your criteria. Tip: There is no need to fill in all the boxes. Try to fill in just a few to start off with, or you may find that there is no place on Earth that satisfies your criteria!


Criterion Lower limit Upper limit
monthly average
must be above)
monthly average
must be below)
Average temperature (℃)
Precipitation (mm/month)
Relative humidity (%)
Sunshine (% of possible)
Number of days with ground frost
Thom's temperature-humidity index
(THI) at the warmest time of day (℃)


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